Education & Career Development

Club College:

This program provides a range of services to guide Club members as they work toward high school graduation and prepare for post-secondary education and career success. Our goal is for every high school student to stay on-track to graduate with a plan for the future through individual case management and mentoring.


With Club College, we offer guidance through the selection, application, and financial aid processes to keep members on the path toward continued education and job training. We also provide youth with SAT prep classes and college tours.

Financial  - promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13-18 by building their basic money management skills. Participants learn how to manage a checking account, budget, save and invest.

Tutoring & Homework Helps:

Every school day, the Club staff and volunteers provide homework assistance and tutoring program for at least one hour each day in order to raise academic proficiency by offering tutoring and mentoring support during designated homework time.

"Andeaver" STEM Programs

STEM programs integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into a fun and interactive learning platform for members.  Sponsored by Andeaver, the program provides hands on experiences for our members to explore the fields of STEM.

Our club also partners with several organizations to promote youth interest in the science field partners like the California Science Center, Hitachi, Northrop Grumman, GENESIS, West Coast, and several other organizations provide hand on science projects that are designed to encourage youth to consider the Science field as a career!