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Boys & Girls Club of Harbor City/
NFL Y.E.T. Center Los Angeles

In 1996, the Harbor City Club was displaced from its original site when HUD ordered the demolition of Normont Terrace.  In an effort to continue providing at-risk youth services, the Club moved to two local elementary schools, Normont Elementary and Harbor City Elementary.  The need for a dedicated facility became apparent and a capital campaign began.  The new Boys & Girls Club of Harbor City officially opened the doors of its 15,000 sq. ft. facility to eager youth on January 26, 2002.

In 2003, the Harbor City facility became the official charity of the NFL in Los Angeles as the NFL Y.E.T. (Youth Education Town) Center of Los Angeles, one of only ten in the nation.  NFL Y.E.T. Centers are educational and recreational centers created in Super Bowl host cities as lasting legacies of the games, created to make a positive impact in the lives of youth and troubled neighborhoods in these cities.

The Boys & Girls Club of Harbor City is located 20 miles South of Downtown Los Angeles, within the boundaries of a City of Los Angeles gang injunction area due to rampant gang activity.  We believe that there is a strong correlation between when the gang injunction was designated (1999) and the time the Club was without a dedicated facility in the area (1996 – 2002).  Many negative conditions, such as limited gang alternative options, overcrowded schools, access to decent employment and dilapidated housing, have allowed local gangs to flourish.  The new Boys & Girls Club of Harbor City Club/NFL Y.E.T. Center is our flagship facility, offering programs for kids and their parents, a much needed resource in the community. 


Location Info:

1220 W. 256th Street
Harbor City, CA. 90710
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Phone Line: (310) 534-0056
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