Harbor City Homework Club

Harbor City Homework Club

In 2002, the Homework Club at the campus of Harbor City Elementary was created and now serves over  100 youth a day. Harbor City Elementary is located at 1508 West 254th St. Harbor City, CA 90710. The Homework Club is open after school, and utilizes existing teachers’ aides and staff of Harbor City Elementary as tutors and coordinators, ensuring a seamless educational experience between the classroom and after-school activities.  The Boys & Girls Club staff also provides outreach and engages students in recreational activities on site to recruit students who can benefit from Homework Club.  These activities support the Club’s strategy of reinforcing and enhancing skills and knowledge by combining “high-yield" learning activities with fun.  The Club provides transportation to the Harbor City Club facility after Homework Club activities on campus have concluded. If you would like further information about the program you may contact the Harbor City Homework Club staff by clicking here.


Location Info:
1508 West 254th St. 
Harbor City, CA 90710 
Contact the Main Clubhouse
Phone Line: (310) 534-0056