April 2017


Boys & Girls Club and Ernst and Young

Did someone call out for some S.T.E.M activities at our Boys & Girls Clubs of the Harbor City site?  But of course someone did! On Thursday, April 21, 2017, Ernst and Young amazing team of volunteers came out to focus on MATH skills with our club kids. They presented to our club members 4 project modules from Cyberchase.

What is Cyberchase?

►       Cyberchase is an Emmy award-winning, television series for children, dedicated to helping kids (age 7-11) build foundational problem solving skills and confidence in math.
►       Each episode is built on a single math concept or skill and focuses on the exploration of that concept through teamwork and problem solving.
►       The idea of inspiring children to learn more by “making math fun” works! Research shows that kids who watch Cyberchase are more confident in their math skills and become better problem solvers because of it.

Our Club members were privileged to partake in these 4 amazing project modules:

Let’s go Shopping
In this session, the club members created CyberBucks and used estimations and rounding to learn about money management. The session began by introducing the concepts of estimation and rounding. Club members created a shopping list and then went on a shopping spree using their own CyberBucks. Then they rounded off to estimate the total cost of their purchases.

It all Adds up
In this session, the club members learned about the values of different denominations of bills, as well as their relationships with each other. The session began with club members creating equivalent amounts of money using “snelfus,” the currency of Cyberchase. Club members then worked in teams to organize and count snelfus in a fun, competitive game.

Play Slugball
Club members played the fun game of Slugball and predicted where a player might throw a ball, based on where he/she might throw the ball most often.  Thy also created diagrams to plan out moves in the fun game of Jimaya Toss.

Step by Step: Making a Bridge
In this activity, club members learned how to solve problems step by step through trial and error. The club members build a bridge between two chairs, desks or tables, using only newspapers and tape. They worked in groups to create the strongest bridge – the bridge that can support the most number of books without collapsing.

Special Thanks goes out to our amazing volunteers that planned this fun educational day for the kids in our community:  Paulyn Beyan, Marcus Marbrey,  Lisa Caras, Karla Ramirez, Estefany Zendejas, Avni Desai, Yerusalem Yemane, Sandra Flores, Heidi  Haim, Marcel Ward, Marceid Hatcher,  and Anisha Gomes


Torrance /Gateway Club Spotlight
A great time was had by all at our annual Easter Pot Luck. Club attendees had a chance to participate in activities and enjoy food and snacks. A special thank you to the staff that helped make this event successful. 
Nathaniel Narbonne High School After-school Program Spotlight

April 26 Narbonne High students made a pledge on Peace over Violence and declared that there is no excuse over violence. The goal was to make a social statement with our fashion and all of the students were invited to wear jeans. Not only did the students pledged, but also signed up for our two upcoming family literacy workshops; Teen Dating Violence and Human Trafficking Community Awareness Workshop.


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